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" Well, the verdict is not bad I'd say. Indeed, no hair shall came to show the tip of his nose ... To summarize, I agree 100%! I'm not a sensitive person and I actually see all the colors and you know what? He is still alive, even better! It is like new! "

Hijab In

the blog of the Muslim woman ... or not!

" "(...) This cap is the solution to your problems. Besides being perfect, it is very flexible and adapts to any head shape (forgotten the pin tied behind the neck, which made us so badly). It is ultra tight and comfortable (we hardly feel it) and does not slide headscarves ... " "

Hanna MK

YouTuber and blogger specializing in hijab tutorials, Beauty and Lifestyle

" "The maintenance and comfort of this cap are impeccable. EveLane offers a unique cap that allows to combine modesty, style and comfort with your active life woman. Under a single hijab to test! " "



" "(...) But do not believe that this is just a band with holes! It's more than that, the sub-hijab created by EveLane brand is a true innovation and the smallest details were worked. The material, finish, ergonomics, strength, everything is perfect. " "

Avenue des Soeurs

Blog for Muslim women.

" "This model is a must have for girls who use earphones. The size is perfect for me, the material is very comfortable to wear: it is not hot and does not scratch takes. The cap holds firmly in place and does not rotate. 3 slots on each side are placed correctly, they allow to wear glasses, to headphones and provide greater comfort for the ears. " "



" "... Very light, cap gives the impression of wearing nothing. The sensation is very pleasant in contact with the skin, perfect for me who have very sensitive skin. After a test that lasted all day, no itching sensation or warmth.   Having cleared ears makes the difference. The glasses are not just balanced on the bonnet, but resume their place on your ears! It is also ideal for easily let go the headphones handsfree, very valuable for business women we are! ... " "

Joumana magazine

female talent of the Muslim community.

" "It just meets the expectations of a veiled Muslim woman, namely comfort, quality and practicality. Muslim women have dreamed EveLane did! " "

topical reference site for Muslim women.

" "Once opened, we quickly realized, only to touch the fabric used has nothing to do with caps that are found elsewhere. Hair is very well maintained .... " "

Reference MUSLIMA

Blog for Muslim women

" "You know all that I wear glasses, and I a little galley with sub hijabs because when laid on the ears, it was a really nice opening at the branches of glasses! 3 discrete slots located at each ear and easy wearing glasses ... The material is very fine, nice and very good quality. Aesthetic level, like no complaints, no seam is visible. " "


Youtube channel specializing in "the simple and elegant" fashion

" "The least I can say is that the product delivers. It perfectly matches my face and stays in place all day without "turn". We even ended up forgetting that the door! Comfortable, convenient and ergonomic with the openings which finally allow me to drag the branches of my glasses easily and without pressure on ears, I sincerely believe that all my old caps will soon disappear from my drawer. In addition, with the guarantee 110% refund you risk nothing to try! " "


Magazine 100% Female

" "... As far as strength, impeccable. First chilly to slip because of slots at ear level, I was very afraid of any tear. Finally, the lining at this level reinforces everything and I assure you, no fear on that side, it's the quality. Side style, class! Practical side, cool. The EveJab is "Bi-Stretch" ensuring maintenance of hair and hijab. The three discrete slots at each ear adjust a size problem in women covering the hair. Wearing eyeglasses (or sunglasses ... the birds are singing, spring is coming ^ _ ^), and especially the hands-free kit in the car! What a pleasure not to have a recessed earphone in the ear! ... " "


Web magazine for the muslim family

" "Upon receipt, I was pleasantly surprised by a neat package! You receive your EveJab wrapped in white tissue paper, along with a thank you card (with little touches that make fun and make a difference) In practical terms, maintaining and comfort are impeccable. Just tried, we adopt! " "

Blog fashion & shopping version of Hijab

Blog fashion & shopping version of Hijab

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